How to order custom t-shirt

How to order

  1. Buy one of the blank articles that you want (t-shirt, hoodie, cap, etc ...)
  2. Send us over an e-mail how exact to look your item.
You can add as many pictures and logos and inscriptions as you wish,  as long as you sent us the files.

All logos should be in vector format (Illustrator .ai, .eps or CorelDraw .crd).

All pictures can be raster images. If you must use raster images in your artwork,  please send us images with a minimum of HD quality size (1980 x 1080 pixels).

‚ÄčIf you wish to add any inscriptions using a particular font, please make sure to convert all your text to curves/outlines or to send us your font files.

We will send graphic drawing of your design and you will receive it on your e-mail for final approval.
     3. Then we will send your item over the post like Registered mail with priority (you will receive Tracking number)